We have dedicated ourselves to developing and incorporating “green” business practices to safeguard the environment for years to come. Companies with the same mindset in all of our markets know they can rely on us to provide sustainable packaging choices to help meet their own environmental objective.

Century Packaging, Inc. is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. 100% of our paperboard waste has been and continues to be recycled. Our waste is bailed by board type and shipped directly to recycling centers for processing and returned use to the industry. As concern for deforestation grew, Century Packaging, Inc took the appropriate step to become an FSC® Certified Company. Our FSC® Certification (FSC® C107922) provides our most environmentally conscious customers the peace of mind and tracking ability to know their carton production did not result in harm to a forest’s ecosystem. We are proud to be an FSC ® Certified company and carry their trademark.

Century’s paperboard usage is also diminished by our production layouts. Our production layouts are created through a CAD system which allows for maximum production on the smallest paperboard sheet size. Smaller paperboard sheets result in less waste, more efficient die cutting and production handling.

Century Packaging, Inc. purchases rolls of paper stock instead of pre-sheeted stock. Our versatile and high-speed Maxson paperboard sheeter enables us to quickly produce high quantities of precise sheet sizes for specific packaging production runs. By sheeting rolls per order, Century Packaging is saving money, time, optimizing efficiency and minimizing the amount of waste. This investment allows us to have more competitive pricing as well as quicker turnaround time on orders.

Our Printing presses also allow Century Packaging to reduce our environmental impact. Our presses use chameleon rollers which allow us to switch from UV to Water based coating without changing rollers, requiring less make ready and clean up. We also utilize a Sentinel Ink Management System which feeds the ink through reusable ink cartridges. This system not only maintains a higher level of color and density consistency but also saves 15%-20% ink usage.

As more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of production become available, Century Packaging, Inc. will continue to be an industry leader in our efforts to preserve the ecosystem that continues to sustain us and our future generations.