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From Concept to Creation:
How We Create the Perfect Product Packaging

Development and Prototype

During the first phase of our process, we discuss your marketing plan (where/how your product will be distributed and displayed, package requirements, graphic direction and more). And of course, we take the size, shape and weight of your product into consideration when developing a prototype. It is during this stage that we determine the paper type that will be used to make your carton.


We do not outsource your prototype. All machines and software applications are located within our in-house CAD Department. CAD stands for computer-aided design and refers to the use of computer technology to aid in the design of a folding carton.


Graphic Design and Pre-Press

Once you’ve approved the prototype, it is time to develop the artwork that will appear on your carton. We will provide you with a “dieline” or blueprint, of your carton to be used by your graphics department when laying out the images and information that will appear on your box. Our advanced equipment and experienced staff allow us to accept your art in a variety of formats. Or you can take advantage of our design services.


At Century Packaging, Inc., we use the most modern computer to plate technology (CTP).  With CTP technology the need for film is eliminated, saving time and money. Within minutes, we are able to transform your design into plates that will go directly on to the press.  And because we use Epson Proofers, we can print proofs up to 44 inches, allowing you to get a large and accurate view of what the carton will look like before we run your job.



The printing process is critical for successful carton manufacture. Century Packaging has specialized in high quality offset printing for over 25 years. Our most recent acquisitions of two state-of-the-art Mitsubishi LX 3000 UV 6-Color + Coating presses are just some of the many continuous improvements to our printing capabilities. And we are well-equipped to print on material from 100# text up to .040 point paper, matching virtually any pantone color available.


Once your job is on press, we pull the first sheet for review and approval before allowing the press to continue printing. This is just one example of the quality control checks we perform throughout every step of the carton creation process.


Die Cutting, Creasing and Gluing

At Century Packaging, we use lasers to create a custom die, which are the specially shaped blades that will cut your newly printed cartons. Because we die cut on Bobst folding carton die cutters, our print-to-cut registration is near perfect! Cracking along the scores is never an issue at Century Packaging. We currently operate four Bobst die cutters with complete stripping capabilities. 
We take steps to minimize the number of sheets required to finish a job and the waste that is stripped from your cartons is gathered and recycled.


Scoring and folding is also handled during this phase of the manufacturing process. Depending on your needs and project timeline, we offer any glue type or style, including hot melt glue and cold glue. 


Final Product Shipment

We’re happy to ship your cartons to all locations within the United States and worldwide













Century Packaging, Inc. is located at 42 Edgeboro Road East Brunswick, NJ 08816.
Specializing in custom folding cartons design and custom folding cartons manufacturing for a variety of markets.