Die Cutting, Creasing & Gluing





At Century Packaging, we use lasers to create a custom die, which are the specially shaped blades that will cut your newly printed cartons. Because we die cut on Bobst folding carton die cutters, our print-to-cut registration is near perfect! Cracking along the scores is never an issue at Century Packaging. We currently operate four Bobst die cutters with complete stripping capabilities. We take steps to minimize the number of sheets required to finish a job and the waste that is stripped from your cartons is gathered and recycled.


Scoring and folding is also handled during this phase of the manufacturing process. Depending on your needs and project timeline, we offer any glue type or style, including hot melt glue and cold glue.






Century Packaging, Inc. is located at 42 Edgeboro Road East Brunswick, NJ 08816.
Specializing in custom folding cartons design and custom folding cartons manufacturing for a variety of markets.